Riaan Piek – Counsel

" I have 20 years experience as a lawyer advising on risk and the prevention, minimisation, control, balance and management of its consequences "

Riaan has specialised in all forms of dispute resolution across a broad range of sectors, including the construction and infrastructure, mineral and resources, oil and gas, transport, logistics and textile industries. This has provided him with a unique and insightful knowledge of the market and both prevailing and emerging trends.

In the context of commercial litigation, he has been instrumental in successfully resolving banking and finance claims, debt and mortgage recoveries, contractual and shareholders’ disputes, enforcement of foreign awards and intellectual property claims in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Domestically, he is engaged in regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings by ASIC and the ATO, and his interest and workload increasingly involve disputes in the construction and engineering-related industry.

Riaan has a proven track record as a specialist insurance lawyer, and was recognised by Doyle’s Guide to Leading Lawyers in the preeminent category of professional indemnity lawyers in 2016 for principally defending claims arising from professional negligence against engineers, builders, architects, real estate agents, accountants, financial advisors and insurance brokers. Doyle’s also listed him in the leading category for public liability law, and his experience further includes claims against directors and officers, management liability, pursuing subrogated recovery claims for property damage, business interruption losses and those arising from product liability.

Before moving to Australia in 2007, Riaan was a partner in a global law firm in Johannesburg and has held senior partnership roles in the insurance and litigation teams of Australian and global law firms in Perth.  He is admitted in Western Australia and New South Wales, as well as South Africa.

Riaan regularly participates in expat networking initiatives. Outside of work, he enjoys reading and cycling, but above all spending time with his (now truly Aussie) family.

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