Litigation Lawyers

Litigation Lawyers

Our commercial litigation lawyers Perth are experienced problem solvers and strategists.

There are some disputes that are simply unavoidable. When a dispute does or is likely to arise, it is important to obtain legal advice so that you understand your rights. Choosing the right law firm is an important decision and can have a significant influence on the outcome of your dispute.

We aim to provide commercial solutions. We are open with our clients about costs, including providing realistic cost estimates. Fletcher Law offers a genuine, sensibly-priced alternative to larger law firms.

Our litigation lawyers Perth are adept at representing clients in courts and tribunals in relation to a wide range of matters including breach of contract, property disputes, building and construction disputes, planning and environment matters, insolvency matters, PPSA disputes, employment law matters, consumer law, disputes with government agencies and deceased estate matters as well as appeals.

At Fletcher Law, we understand that not every matter requires a team of lawyers. Most matters are handled by senior litigation lawyers with expert knowledge. We also have the resources to handle large and complex litigation and we have access to leading barristers.

Not every dispute has to end up in court proceedings. Our lawyers draw on their knowledge and experience to provide you with strategies for achieving a positive outcome. Our litigation lawyers Perth are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration and mediation.

Our litigation lawyers are also experienced in making applications for urgent injunctive relief where necessary.

Riaan Piek has been instrumental in successfully resolving banking and finance claims, debt and mortgage recoveries, contractual and shareholders’ disputes, enforcement of foreign awards and intellectual property claims in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Paul Fletcher applies his experience gained in acting on both the front and back ends of commercial law issues, ie both as transactor and as a litigator, to a “whole of picture” approach that produces results.  He can approach legal issues from a number of angles, often formulating original solutions that maintain a solid grounding in commercial practicality.  He is up front in advising clients when he considers a particular legal course of action to be uncommercial or otherwise unwise.

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Riaan Piek

26th March 2018

Introducing Riaan Piek, Litigation Counsel, who recently joined the firm to bolster Fletcher Law’s expanding litigation capacity with his 20 years’ experience as a lawyer advising on risk and the prevention, minimisation, control, balance and management of its consequences. Whilst Riaan has been a commercial litigator for most of his professional life, he has a... read more

Conducting business as a partnership

23rd March 2018

What is a partnership? A partnership is the relationship which exists between “persons” (see below) who carry on a business in common with a view to profit. In Western Australia, partnerships are governed by the Partnership Act 1895. There are two types of partnerships, “general” and “limited”. A general partnership is one in which all... read more

I just want to get paid!

20th March 2018

Fletcher Law receives a substantial number of enquiries from subcontractors, in the construction industry, about delayed or non-payment for works completed on construction projects. This is at a time when news about construction companies running into financial problems, leaving unpaid subcontractors in precarious positions, is all too common. The delayed payment or non-payment of accounts... read more