Ben’s challenge

HammockFletcher Law Associate, Ben McPherson, along with a number of other Australian (or in this case Kiwi) men, including some at least mid-grade celebrities, has signed up for the Man Challenge.

The Man Challenge is a 10 week online health and fitness program for men who need some gentle guidance and motivation to fit in quick fitness sessions and healthy eating. As Ben is the often self-proclaimed athlete of the firm, Fletcher Law finds this turn of events ironic.

The Man Challenge includes a daily workout and meal plan. The workouts involve high intensity exercises over just 10 minutes. The meal plan, fortunately for Ben, dictates exactly what to buy and how to cook it.

In a twist from traditional programs, the Man Challenge includes a reward system allowing Men to cash in hard-earned points for weekend pizza and beer. Fletcher Law reminds Ben that real men eat salad*.

For more information see:

*In moderation.

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