Cyber security progress

Bronze ADP CrestFor the past 10 months Fletcher Law has worked with Diamond Cyber as its pilot client to help develop and test their “Active Defence Program” (ADP). We have attained Bronze ADP accreditation.

Diamond Cyber was founded by former Australian special forces personnel to provide the private sector with the discipline, governance and leadership in information security used by the Australian Defence Force.


ADP provides tailored ongoing assessments of a client’s cyber security posture and capabilities, aimed at small to medium enterprises. It involves active testing, reporting, training, remediation strategies and re-testing. It includes simulating modern threat actors and executing attacks matched to the realistic capabilities of those threat actors.

Fletcher Law volunteered to assist Diamond Cyber with designing ADP so that Fletcher Law could benefit from Diamond Cyber’s expertise as soon as possible. Cyber security is a quickly growing and very serious threat. ADP uses a straight-forward modular approach, allowing the customer to identify their highest concerns so they can be dealt with first.

Diamond Cyber has investigated our on-site and off-site systems, identified weaknesses and helped us strengthen our network and practices over time. We recommend Diamond Cyber for professional, in-depth information security analysis.

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