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Fletcher Law is a highly credentialed boutique commercial law firm with CBD offices on Australia’s east and west coasts.

Our dedicated Perth and Melbourne lawyers achieve outstanding results for our clients in corporate, commercial and business law matters, including complex litigation.

We provide astute, strategic legal advice, prioritising:

1.  Open and clear communications.

2.  The delivery of commercial legal solutions.

3.  High quality, timely client service.

Our extensive client base includes:

1.  high net worth individuals;

2.  small to medium sized businesses;

3.  large national and international corporations; and

4.  not for profit organisations including clubs and incorporated associations.

We work to understand our clients’ needs.  We focus on the most important issues.

Due to the size and nature of our practice, clients receive close attention from the firm’s senior partners.

We invite you to read the testimonials about our services.

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Case note: compensation for land injuriously affected by a planning scheme

13th March 2017

The recent High Court decision in Western Australian Planning Commission v Southregal Pty Ltd; Western Australian Planning Commission v Leith [2017] HCA 7 has emphasised the importance for both landowners and purchasers to undertake their due diligence prior to the acquisition or sale of land. Four of the five justices of the High Court held... read more

Drone Intrusion Part 2: They are watching

2nd March 2017

By Paul Fletcher. Part 1 dealt with the tort of trespass and asked “does hovering a drone 30 metres above private property, with the drone equipped with a camera being used to observe/record persons on the land below, involve a breach of an individual’s right to privacy?”. The issues include: What, in Australia, is the... read more

Risks of contracting with minors in the online world

23rd January 2017

For an enforceable contract to exist both parties to the contract must have “capacity”. This will generally depend on an objective legal test of capacity, rather than the subjective intention of the parties. Companies invalidly entering into digital contracts with “minors” is an increasing problem, for example via “accepting” standard terms and conditions to purchase... read more