HBF Run & Ethan Davies Scholarship

Alex, Ben and Kate joined about 30,000 other people for their first HBF Run for a Reason in May.

While traversing 12,000 metres wasn’t their usual idea of a good time early on a Sunday, they enjoyed the buzz of the event, smug in the knowledge they wouldn’t have to exercise again for weeks. Special mention to Ben for his single-minded dedication to doing what he said he would, completing the run highly medicated and generally unable to breathe (disclaimer: not actually condoned or recommended by the firm).

They were in a team of 20 that raised about $10,000 for The Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research. This research scholarship was established by Shannon and Christie-Lee Davies, in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute, after their son Ethan was diagnosed with ependymoma (an aggressive form of brain cancer) in January 2012.